Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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One of the busiest days of the year where people are scrambling to make the littlest of things extra special for a loved one. Every year there is so much swiping of cards just to have the best day for a relationship. Instead of giving two dozens, they’ll give a hundred roses, a small bear plushie will turn into a life-size teddy bear, and many more extravagances. 

But really, why spend more when you can show how much a person means to you by simple yet very personal gifts.

As we count down the number of days before February 14, we’re also counting down our picks of the 3 Simple and Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts to Spice Up Your Relationship.  


A Spontaneous Trip Down Memory Lane

Memories are priceless! They’re time that you’ve given to a person which you can never take back. Imagine how it would feel like to collect and print pictures, selfies, and little trinkets to you kept to remember a very special day.

Remember your first date where you planned everything to be perfect but things took a full 180 but still, one of the best nights of your journey as a couple. Or that day when he poured his heart out for the most romantic proposal in front of all the people you care about.

These are memories that are worthy of going back to on a very special day to celebrate love. Create a collection of items and go back to these times with your special someone.  


Your Own Version of the Mona Lisa

Are you good at art? Whether it be digital or physical art, it’s always a pleasure to know that someone has put in the effort into creating a masterpiece with you in mind. This is a strong one and not many people can pull this off.

Just the thought of you having them in mind throughout the entire process of creating your work of art is more than enough. You can get creative and use your talent and skills to make a portrait or write a song.

And just like the person, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be the very epitome of love for you, in your own eyes and heart.  



Valentine’s Day is not just a day for lovers, it is a day to celebrate all kinds of love from friendship to familial love. And if you’re the type of person who’s been busy lately and missed a lot of quality time with them, then this is a perfect gift for heart’s day.

You can create and print out coupons for them which they can then use to summon you and spend some quality time together. It can be a range of activities they can do with you like going out for dinner, going on a weekend getaway, or doing your mom, sister, or friend’s makeup on a special day.

Knowing that you’re committing to giving more of your time for them not just on a single day, but a whole year-round will make them more than happy. 

Want to take it to the next level? Combine these three together or include them with a store-purchased gift. Adding that one special thing you created and cannot be found in stores is definitely a way to make any gift special.

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