Founder's Note

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Before anything else, I want to thank you for taking part of your precious time to read what I’m about to say.

For your luggage needs, there are many other options out there, but here you are, giving us a chance to make your travel experiences a lot less disastrous. Yes, I know the feeling of reaching through your overflowing cosmetics bags to get one item but ending up picking the wrong one, and like 50 times over before finally deciding to pull everything out to get what you need.

Sure you can put up with that, like the way you’ve put up with your ex-boyfriend who just doesn’t see or get what you need.

You deserve better...

AAIRAH luggage collection is for you because you’ve had enough of bags that are way too focused on how they look and less about your needs when you’re rushing to get things done. 

You have been looking for ways to organize your makeup and look effortlessly at it — a professional when you open up your stash in the presence of your client. 

Our cosmetics cases are for you because you are sick and tired of seeing a mess inside your makeup bag from time to time. I mean, you want to freshen up real quick, but you end up getting powder everywhere, ultimately wasting money that could have gone into buying another set of brushes. Duh!

I want you to think about your needs when going over our wide range of products because that is the only thing that matters.

With love,

Bilkiss Ade'-Bakare

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