ENVY This: Our Goals for 2024

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There is nothing more rewarding than ticking off milestones you’ve been putting your heart into for days, weeks, or even months! While we’ve achieved some crazy good goals this year, we are FAR from stopping the ball from rolling. This is why we’re letting you in on a little peek at what we envision our 2024 would be like!  

Rally great minds around community issues

Doing good for the community will always, 100%, give you that sense of achievement and purpose. It fuels a certain fire within you to make you remember that you’re human, and you have a choice to make a difference in how you’re impacting the community.

We’re making it a big deal for us this year to give back, in our own little way, and help with pressing problems we face today. 

Share our dream vacation series 

Who doesn’t love the joy of sending out an “Out of Office” email? Like everyone else, we’re also hustling to create the dream we’ve planned and nurtured through time. But it doesn’t mean we can’t go out and indulge in the physical and mental benefits of going on a vacation.

This is why we made it part of our 2021 goals to share with you, on a monthly basis, the most breathtaking dream vacation experiences we all want to see ourselves into this year. Let us all kick stress to the curb, get a better outlook on life, and ignite our motivation with the help of a sun hat and a refreshing fruit drink. 

Promote a cause 

With a growing number of followers, we want to make sure socially important topics are given the attention they deserve.

With the world evolving, and people getting tired of different entities prying for their eyes while scrolling through their phones, we want our own audience to hear that we’re committed to keeping things different. By taking part in promoting a cause, we can all start a ripple effect using the power of social media to create awareness on important topics.

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