About Us

We started A A I R A H with one goal in mind. Providing the latest and greatest in innovative travel luggage.

We want to bring stunning yet practical designs to the people that need them the most, the jet-setters and go-getters that have been with us from the start!. After years of research, we decided on a compact collection of products that will soon turn into your favorites! From hardshell cosmetics cases to leather backpacks, canvass duffel bags, suitcases, and more. We hope to be your go-to company for premium quality and fashionable luggage.

We’re on an ambitious quest to come up with products that not only look stunning but make sure you’ll never go through pre-travel stress again.

With our products, you’ll have more than just luggage, but luggage that’s been by your side through all those priceless traveling memories. Even when you’re not using them, we guarantee feelings of wanderlust whenever you lay your eyes upon them.

Our products and travel go hand in hand. Without one, it just wouldn’t be the same!

We’re a minority-owned, black woman-owned brand that’s committed to revolutionizing the industry!

Enough about us, check out our products, and bring that trendy, sleek, and elegant look into your everyday travel.

P.S. There is one HUGE downside to buying our products…

You’ll get tired of everyone asking where you bought them!

About Us