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Chante wears many hats, one of them is teaching people how to turn their closets into cash. She describes her style as eclectic with simple fashion. We caught up with her to present a quick profile that answers pertinent questions.

AAIRAH: What are the issues that you are most passionate about?
Chante: I’m most passionate about women’s rights and empowerment. It’s important to me that women are treated equally and are given roles and opportunities just as their male counterparts.

AAIRAH: What are the steps that you have taken to pursue these issues?
Chante: I teach my daughter about her worth and being independent and strong and I like to remind her that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.

AAIRAH: What is your ideal vacation, and how would you spend it?
Chante: My idea location just includes beautiful views and good weather! Southern California always makes me happy and free. Being up close and personal with the seas. 

AAIRAH: What event comes to mind from any travels you've made that was the coolest thing ever?
Chante: Its the Seals in San Diego for me. Like they were right there on the beach we could literally reach out and touch them

AAIRAH: What key piece(s) of knowledge on any topic can you share with the readers?
Chante: Be confident in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

Connect with Chante on Instagram: @chante_allday


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